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Assessoria para Assuntos Internacionais e Interinstitucionais

AAII's Mission

To place PUCRS in the national and international scenario in order to strengthen worldwide relations.

The International Office centralizes, coordinates and manages international and interinstitutional cooperation activities carried out by PUCRS.


Staff members

Prof. Dr. Mágda Rodrigues da Cunha

Head of University Relations
Prof. Dr. Cristina Becker Lopes Perna

Head of Government and Corporate Relations
Prof. Vitor Necchi, MA

Administrative Coordinator
Prof. Juarez Sagebin Correa, M.Sc.

Bilingual Administrative Analyst
Dr. Karina Veronica Molsing

Administrative Technician
Tamara Georgi

Administrative Assistant
Patrícia Silveira da Cunha

Mariana Fonseca de Vargas

Web Content Analyst
Aline Ferreira de Mello

Victória Regina Souza
Pablo Meirelles da Rosa

AAII is in charge of:

  • Preparing and negotiating international cooperation agreements;
  • Contributing to the international mobility within the university community;
  • Informing students and teachers about foreign exchange opportunities;
  • Helping teachers and researchers elaborate Agreements of Understanding;
  • Encouraging teachers and students to participate in higher education international programs;
  • Keeping an updated data base with foreign accredited universities, as well as national and international financial supporters;
  • Scheduling visits to other universities, with the objective of exchanging academic experiences;
  • Assisting students, professors, and researchers with personal issues, such as lodging, visas, leisure activities, sightseeing, trips, etc;
  • Helping foreign students in their process of course enrollment;
  • Issuing the acceptance letter of incoming foreign students;
  • Elaborating the International Student Guide and sending all foreign students information about PUCRS and its campi, including information about Visa, accommodation, registration and studies opportunities;
  • Managing the arrival of teachers and students;
  • Booking accommodations in hotels for teachers;

PUCRS collaborates with partners in:

Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Ecuador, Germany, France, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Japan, Korea Lithuania, Mexico, Mozambique, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, USA, Uruguay, Vatican